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SECOMP - Your specialist for Network Components, Audio/Video, UPS / Power Supply and IT Accessories

To achieve the best qualitiy, we created already years ago the product line ROLINE Gold with even higher shielding and even better contact safety.

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SECOMP - Quality is the difference

You will found in our eShop product of the products areas Network Components, Network Connection Technology, KVM Switchboxes & Hubs, Computer Cables, Adapters & Converters, Consumables, Disks & Data Carriers, Input Devices, Mobile Computing, Drives & Cases, PC Components, Memory, Hard Disks, Telekommunication, Measuring Instruments & Tools, Office Organization, IP Cams & Accessories, Alarm Systems, SmartHome, USV Systems, Power Supply, HDMI Cable, Audio/Video Cable, Multimedia, TV Brackets, 19'' Stores, 19" Accessories and many more...

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