ROLINE RECYCLED MATERIAL - a NEW BRAND for a sustainable future!

We believe in a greener future and are pleased to introduce our latest development: The ROLINE Recycled Material Product Line. This product line shows our commitment to sustainability and is contributing to a reduction of our environmental footprint.

Our ROLINE Recycled Material products are made from more than 50 % recycled materials.

  • By incorporating recycled material into our products, we are taking a big step towards to a more sustainable and circular economy.
  • With ROLINE Recycled Material we can conserve additional natural resources, save energy and reduce the production of new material.

Environmentally friendly packaging:

  • Our commitment also concerns the packaging in which these environmentally responsible products are packed.
  • ROLINE Recycled Material packaging is made from 100 % recycled material, minimizing waste and underlining our engagement to responsible packaging.


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