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Power cable

With power cables for 230V, a difference is made between installation cables and stranded cables. Stranded cables are used for flexible extension cables and connection cables for pocket strips. 

Power cables have color coded cores. Blue for the neutral conductor and Phase L is brown or black. Yellow-green for the PE protective conductor for cables of protection class I. This carries earth potential and serves to prevent dangerous touch voltages on conductive housing or operating parts in the event of a fault by conduction them to earth. 

The cross-sections are from 0.75mm² to 2m length. Up to 3m with 1mm². As well as from 3m with 1,5mm². 

Plugs for 230V power cable connections must have the CE marking on the plug. 

The cable designation should have H (harmonized throughout Europe) as the initial letter for the power cables, as well as an identifier for the nominal voltage, e.g. 05 for 300/500V. The other digits describe the insulation and sheath material (e.g. V for PVC) and additional special features. 

The 6th digit describes the ladder type. For example “F” for fine-stranded. Position 7 stands for the number of cores (3-pole, e.g. for the earth contact system). Position 8 with “X” stands for the protective conductor and the cable cross-section in position 9 - e.g. H05-VV-F-3X1.5mm for a common power extension cable.

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Power strips

A power strip provides a connection to the mains supply for several electrical devices with a standardized plug connection. Connecting several power strips in series is not unproblematic, as the total output may exceed the permissible limit value. In the case of special power strips, linking in series is expressly possible, the connectors are industrial in nature (e.g. GST18, IEC309) and meet higher requirements. Most power strips are not suitable for use in damp rooms or outdoors. If a socket strip is used contrary to the purpose specified by the manufacturer, a short circuit or smoldering fire may occur. Even electric shocks with personal injury are possible here. 

In the case of power strips, the connection cables are legally fixed at a cross-section of 1.5mm². Exceptions are special power strips with overcurrent protection (fuse or breaker). In the case of power strips from faulty manufacture, there may be a risk of accidents if the protective conductor contracts are too poorly connected or not at all connected. If the cable cross-section is too small, heating up to cable fire is also possible.

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