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Test Measurement & Tools

Here you will find a select range from the range measuring instruments & tools, such as Network tester, cable tester for copper cables and fiber optic cables, WLAN tester, various tool sets, service vacuum cleaners, crimping pliers, stripping and cable ties.

Network Test Equipment

Nowadays networks in twisted pair (copper) or fiber optic technology are easy to install, but must be checked for function and interference resistance before commissioning. For this purpose, measuring instruments of increasing complexity are offered for the various test types.

Network Testers

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CAT cable tester

The most simple and basic cable tester is only able to indicate the passage of the cables by means of LED pairs and the correct polarity. They usually consist of the controlling test device itself as well as an end piece between which the test object is simply plugged into the RJ45 sockets of the measuring device. The test provides information about the cable passage, the shielding and the wiring. Two short, previously tested patch cables are added to the box ends to measure laid cable sections. In this way, the entire distance can be checked in one process using the measuring device, the patch cables and the cable that has already been laid. If the test object is correctly wired, the LED pairs light up in the correct sequence. Various LED signals can indicate incorrect wiring and indicate the corresponding wire. If higher-quality statements about the cable connection are to be made, e.g. the cable length, twisted or split pairs, higher-quality measuring instruments can be accessed. The correct functionality can also be tested for Power over Ethernet (PoE) tests.

Cabletesters (copper)

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Fibre optic cable tester

Fibre optic cables as long-distance cable are more sensitive to damage and must be carefully checked before first use. The cables should not be strongly bent or kinked.  The fiber ends must be seated safely and without any dirt in their sockets. In order to guarantee these properties, special measuring instruments are used which already have adaptations for the various plug connections. By simply plugging on the adapters, the connection is established and can simulate the various applications by applying different types of laser light. This allows information to be provided about the quality of the installed cable. If the signal strength is low, dirt can be removed by using special cleaning sets.

Cabletesters (Fiber optics)

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Fibre Optic Cleaning

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