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SECOMP introduces itself

SECOMP GmbH was founded in 1988 by Michael Taraba and Gunther Schroff and is a competent partner for high quality products such as IT accessories and networking technology for professional users.

Today, we are among the European market leaders and offer a comprehensive product range of IT accessories, network products, monitoring  systems, UPS & power supplies, consumer electronics accessories, 19” cabinets & accessories, video surveillance products as well as LED lighting technology.

Our sales strategy encompasses not only classic distribution, mail order business, retail business  with our own stores located in Ettlingen and  Mannheim, it also includes E-commerce in Germany, Austria, France, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

Our central office and warehouse in Ettlingen employs roughly 100 people. Our entire company group consisting of SECOMP GmbH in Germany and further companies in Switzerland, France, the Netherlands and Czech, generates an annual turnover of 100 Million Euro with approximately 170 employees. 

Our competent workforce, 30 years of professional market experience, and uncompromisingly high quality standards make us a reliable trade partner for the industry, system integrators and administrators.

The Difference is Quality!

Since more than 30 years SECOMP stands for professional IT products such as computer accessories, network technology, security equipment and consumer electronics accessories. 

Our quality management begins with careful product selection and ends with thorough and realistic in-house labor testing. New shipments are systematically sampled and inspected in accordance with DIN ISO 2859.

Our brands ROLINE and VALUE

Our ROLINE brand encompasses IT-products which are suitable for permanent professional usage. We stand to our promise of performance by offering a 2-year warranty. Our VALUE brand embraces a scope of products with attractive prices and certified quality.

Our Central European Warehouse in Ettlingen (Germany)

As a leading supplier in Europe we purchase goods at a large-scale from manufacturers around the world. With our affiliate companies in Taipei,  Prague, Paris and Zurich we are in daily contact with more than 200 suppliers.

Our central warehouse in Ettlingen has the capacity for 10,000 pallets. Our range of goods encompasses around 5,000 unique products.

A stocking availability of roughly 95% enables us to achieve the same-day shipping of incoming orders until approximately 15:00 hours.

The organization

With our affiliate companies in Germany, Switzerland, in France, the Netherlands, in Czech and with different distributors in other european countries, we deliver throughout hole Europe.

13F-5, No. 1
Fu Hsing N. Road
Taipei, Taiwan, R. O. C.

+88 622 7408 842

Company profile

More about SECOMP you will find inside our company brochure.