HOBBES LAN ID Giga Network Tester

HOBBES LAN ID Giga Network Tester

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Item no. 13.01.1557-4
Brand / Manufacturer HOBBES
Manuf. no. 256655G
EAN 7630049697829
Package weight 0.208 kg


The Hobbes LANIDgiga is a highly efficient tester to quickly and reliably determine network status and display it via LED.

Selectively diagnose existing network problems during installation or maintenance of LAN devices or ports. The device differentiates the network status as follows:
- 1000 BASE-T full duplex
- 10/100 car negotiation
- 100 BASE-Tx full duplex
- 100 BASE-Tx half duplex
- 10 BASE-T full duplex
- 10 BASE-T half duplex
The built-in PoE feature identifies existing PoE and the type of PSE (power sourcing equipment) on the entire network.
The Hobbes LANIDgiga is equipped with a Portfinder function. This helps to identify the appropriate port on the workstation: Simply connect the Hobbes LANIDgiga to an unknown or insecure port, it will send a 10/100 signal (auto-negotiation) to find the switch and the port.


- Checks the PoE status
- Identifies the type of PSE if the PoE voltage is detected on wire pair 12-36 (final span) or 45-78 (midspan).
- Identifies the bandwidth of the port up to Gigabit Ethernet
- Two RJ-45 connectors (one to check switch/hub, the other to check NIC)
- Port finder function
- Complied with IEEE802.3af standard
- Connections: 2x RJ-45 (1 male, 1 female)
- Energy source: 2x AAA batteries
- Dimensions: 215 x 38 x 36 mm
- Weight: 120 g


Manufacturer HOBBES
Product group Tester
Product type Network Tester
Accessories: Rechargeable battery/battery required Micro battery (AAA), 02x
Weight 102.6 g
Height of packaging (single piece) 50 mm
Width of packaging (single piece) 70 mm
Depth of packaging (single piece) 280 mm
Package weight (single piece) 0.208 kg


Manufacturer data sheet - English (444.0 KB)


User manual - English (131.6 KB)

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